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You're about to create MIRACLES with your Message while you're making a MASSIVE Impact and Income!




84% of new business are owned by women and only 50% will see the 5 year anniversary and only 30% will see 10 years.

There is no mistake about it. Getting your message, your purpose and passion out to EVERYONE that you know you can help, can feel like an uphill battle!

Are you DONE feeling like all of your golden gifts are wasted?

Are you battling to reach the number of people you want to truly help?  


Right now, you’re exhausted, you’re frustrated, and desperately searching for the magic miracle that will catapult your business to the level you know you’re capable of... But you just can’t see the way there!

Tell me if you've asked these questions:

"Do I have to get all shouty and sleazy to make myself heard in a marketplace where everyone is clamouring for their slice of the pie?"

What if I was to tell you there was another way to

TICK ALL THE BOXES in your business dream?

Imagine....... Leveraging your time with a proven strategy to position and market your message as you explode the number of people you serve..... And you can do it straight away!

Imagine....... Sharing your message, passion and purpose with soul, style and strategic clarity while watching your income, influence and impact expand effortlessly!

"I know exactly how you feel.  I've been an entrepreneur for over 15 years now! That's 15 years of riding the rollercoaster of uncertainty to clarity, from doubt to deliberate action, and from massive debt to 7 figures.

Being in business is the most rewarding, frustrating, challenging, gut wrenching and most of all, EXCITING experience in life.

Ten years ago I was a depressed shadow of who I am today. My partner had committed suicide, my best friend lost her life by my side in the Bali bombings, and I wanted to take my own life. I didn't see the point of carrying on, until one day I reached an epiphany moment.  For me to survive all that hurt, all that pain, all that stretching of my spirit, there must be a REASON for me being here.

We are waiting for YOU to take your place in this enormous awakening of Soulful businesses and Conscious Contributors! 

You’re in the RIGHT place, RIGHT now and the

I'm sure you've already realised that there's a lot of hype and 'salesy' marketing out there  - and I've heard from thousands of graduates, this approach just DOES NOT WORK!

That's why I wanted to get raw and real with you and give you my 100% commitment to helping you share your most congruent and authentic message.

This is my personal story that reveals how I heard that very same calling that is stirring in your bones - and why I KNOW the Universe has brought you to this page, today!

If you’re ready to take your place among the Conscious Contributors that are making miracles with their message and business offering right now?

You may not know what to do, you may not know how to do it, but what YOU DO KNOW is that you're thirsting to make a difference - and right NOW.

There is a calling inside of you demanding that you Step UP and Step into the Spotlight so that more people know how to find you.

You know it, you feel it and while you hold yourself back, your world is out of balance.

It's TIME. The world is waiting for you to answer the call.

This is my heartfelt invitation to join me on the journey to learn how to take that message of yours, those big gifts inside of you, and share them - with strategy, style and purpose.  

Let me walk beside you every step of the way as you move, touch and inspire the hearts and minds of the people you serve!

Welcome To

Speakers Fast-Trak combines online and LIVE intensive training giving YOU the art, science and strategy of Soulful Speaking to create a massive influence in the world.

Carren, I’ve got a big message, BUT...

Ahhhhh, if you feel any of these, it’s confirmed... YOU’RE HUMAN!

[and just like 96% of the population. Some statistics have shown people saying they would ‘rather die than speaking in public’ OMG, thats BIG! There’s no coming back from that!] 

So here is my promise: NO ONE IS GOING TO DIE at Speakers Fast-Trak!

  • Receive dedicated one on one support from me and my crew to help you master your message and discover how to create an impact live and and online!
  • Fall in love with this accelerated journey of personal growth that has you leap over challenges with new-found courage, confidence and vitality.
  • Develop crystal clarity on how to grow your income and explode your profile using the Speakers Fast-Trak Formula.
  • Craft your own story and message into a compelling, inspiring and highly profitable engine for your business.
  • Effortlessly serve more of the people you wish to impact, and lead a following of inspired human beings eager to know what YOU know.

Best of all, you will expand your own comfort zone beyond your wildest dreams and find yourself revelling in confidence, courage and, of course, CASH FLOW!

Speakers Fast-Trak includes:

During the four module online training program, you'll receive access to videos, work-booklets and audios via a custom designed membership site.  

Together, these give you the step-by-step instructions on exactly how to make miracles with your message and motivate the masses!

Over the four weeks of video training, you will develop a masterful presentation through the four learning styles.

Why, What, How and Kinesthetic (Do it!) learners represent the primary learning styles of each of us, which includes your audience! It stands to reason then, that ensuring your presentation meets the needs of each participant, you’re almost guaranteed a smooth, engaging and memorable experience for everyone!

With this in mind, we have divided the videos into each learning style to make sure you gain full comprehension of how to apply these learning styles to your message.


Here’s what you will learn: 

Learn the strategy that allows you to connect with your audience, and leave them hanging off your every word.

Week One, we cover the Why learners and develop a simple yet incredibly powerful opening structure that will ensure you capture your Why learners the moment you begin speaking!

Discover how to be raw and real as you share what your own story in the most empowering way.

Week two, we cover the What learners along with exploring how to deliver powerful and compelling stories, reveal statistics and set the agenda for the information that is about to follow!

How to deliver the nuts and bolts of what you offer and inspire your audience to be curious about how they can change their lives based on you sharing your passion and experience.

Week three, we reveal the intricacies of the How learner along with the most engaging way to keep all learning styles interested and coming along for the journey as you guide your audience to the home stretch of your presentation.

Design a practical "taste" of your work in action, so that your audience can have an experience of YOUR unique brand of magic AND create a really memorable, action focused finish to your presentation.

Finally in week four, we build the Kinesthetic component of your presentation and explore some super examples that turn your presentation into a memorable and inspiring experience 100% of the time.

Once your four module online program is complete, join Carren and her team at a life-changing in person event!

Meet Carren and work on your presentation in person!

Dive deep with Carren to walk away with an absolutely EXTRAORDINARY presentation and accelerate your journey to more money, meaning and freedom in your business!  


During the two intensive days, you will learn:

In addition to all these tangible takeaways you can immediately utilise in your business, you will walk away from the two day intensive finally feeling that you have the confidence, structure and certainty of self to share your message and make magic.  

So what is your investment to harness your message and delivery it with strategy, style and purpose?

4 online modules and Facebook Community

Valued at $799

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 Two day LIVE intensive in 2017 

Total Value of $2,798

Join Carren for Speakers Fast-Trak and enjoy a

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Who am I? And why do I care so much about you and your message?

"Well known as one of Australia's most exciting and dynamic motivational speakers, Carren captivates her audience with humour, energy and genuine engagement!"

When I spoke for a room of 2500 people in San Francisco, this is how I was introduced. Pretty cool hey?

One thing I've discovered is that if you want to learn how to do something new, it's best to learn from someone who has created MASSIVE SUCCESS themselves.  After seeing so many amazing business owners with powerful messages, products or services, but no voice or confidence to engage groups, I realised, it was time for me to share my MAGIC FORMULA for reaching more people. 

Reaching 450,000 people across the globe, 2,200 professional presentations and a million dollar solo business..... Does that sound like something you'd like to know the recipe to? 

Well, we are both in luck, because Speakers Fast-Trak is the recipe, ingredients, showcase and opportunity all rolled into one! 

How to know if Speakers Fast-Trak is for you?

Your cash flow is up and down constantly and, you're ready to figure out how to attract more clients, with ease.

Speakers Fast-Trak is NOT for you if:

If you don't want more clients, greater profile and increased cashflow

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have bought other business programs before - how is Speakers Fast-Trak different, and what impact will this really have on my business?

A: A lot of business programs focus on teaching a one-size-fits-all solution. Worse still, they teach business strategy without any guidance on how to actually implement the advice when the inevitable fears and doubts arise.  Speakers Fast-Trak is different as it’s Carren’s proven step-by-step method for harnessing YOUR personal message, and leveraging that to increase income, impact and influence.  You will also learn how to soothe the fears and doubts that are part and parcel of putting your message out there, so you are free to connect with your ideal audience in a one-to-many model.  

Q: I’m not sure if I know what I want to talk about. Will Speakers Fast-Trak help me get clarity?

A: It sure will.  Using Carren’s four module video series training to get the process started, and combining it with the two day Speakers Fast-Trak intensive where Carren and her crew work with you hand in hand. You will walk away with clarity and a powerful and personal signature presentation ready to make magic with your message. 

Q: What if I am terrified of public speaking, but really want to share my message?  Will this still work for me?

A: Congratulations, you’re a part of approximately 96% of the population that are terrified at the thought of speaking to groups! Isn’t it awesome to know you’re not alone? Time and time again we hear this from potential participants, and without fail, through the support, guidance and framework of Speakers Fast-Trak, not only will your fears be soothed, you will also walk away with Carren’s proven fear-taming tools to use prior to actually going out on stage. 

Q: What if I can’t make the two day intensive?

A:The two day intensive is a pivotal part of Speakers Fast-Trak and without the in person intensive, your journey will not be complete.  

If you're unable to attend, we suggest you on-sell or transfer your tickets to someone you know will reap the enormous rewards of this program. Be sure to advise our team of the person you've given your tickets to.

Q: If I am brand new in business, and have no income as yet, is the program still suitable for me?

A:This is the BEST time to attend Speakers Fast-Trak as our content will help you gain the most powerful clarity you will need to generate the income you’re dreaming of! We will show you how you can reach the most amount of people, in the most efficient and effective way so that your business gets off the ground much faster than you ever expected and continues to build momentum year in, year out!

Q: Do I get any one-on-one time with Carren?

A: Speakers Fast-Trak is an intensive program which combines four modules delivered online, and a two day in person intensive with Carren and her crew.  During the intensive, you will work in small groups partnered with Carren’s crew members who have all graduated from her suite of programs and are just as passionate about you sharing your message.  During these breakout sessions, Carren shares her time between each group giving personal feedback and mentoring.  Although this program does not include one on one time with Carren, graduates do have the ability to join Carren’s higher level programs at a later date.

Q: Is this program covered by a guarantee?

A: Absolutely! Within 7 days of receiving the access to the online video trainings, if you decide this program isn’t for you, just let us know and we will give you your money back! It’s that easy!

Q: Can I bring a friend?

A: You sure can, in fact this sort of inspirational space is the perfect place to invite your other entrepreneurial friends to join YOU on the Speakers Fast-Trak journey.  And the great news is that for the next 48 hours, you and your friend can grab your tickets at half price!  

Q: Where is the two day intensive held?

A: In Brisbane we will be meeting at Mirra Conference Centre, 86 Bridge St, Fortitude Valley.  

I've learned that it doesn't matter how skilled you are at your craft or profession, how many people follow you on social media or how big your list is or isn't.

If you're unable to communicate your message in a way that inspires action immediately without the 'yuck' sales pitch, you need to secure your spot at Speakers Fast-Trak now!

Find out how making a difference is the ONLY WAY to truly make money and find YOUR SELF - your AUDACIOUS and AUTHENTIC SELF when you witness the magic of making a difference on a massive scale.

Register your interest here for the next Speakers Fast-Trak in 2017!!Register your interest for the next Speakers Fast-Trak in 2017 here!

"Thank you for the work you're doing Carren. You're truly reaching out to so many hearts and it's fabulous to share this ride with you."

Byron Katie ~ Founder - The Work

"It's an honour to spend time with you Carren. It's always so powerful when we participate in the transformation of ourselves and others."

Dr Bruce Lipton ~ Biologist, Author, Speaker

"There really needs to be more people out there finding their freedom and I'm excited to see your message reaching out there."

Brandon Bays ~ Founder - The Journey

You're happy trading time for money and making excuses for why you can't serve more people

You're not interested in enjoying ever-increasing reach and reputation, and attracting the ideal joint venture partners, colleagues and business connections.

If you don’t care too much about being of service, helping humanity and changing lives using what you’re most passionate about!

If making an impact and sharing what you know isn't important to you !

You want to be recognised in your field and be the GO-TO, top of mind person!

Right now, you feel like you’ve lost your mojo, you're not good enough or dynamic enough to get yourself 'out there' and 'stand out'!

You wish there was an easier way to spend more time on what you love, and less time on what you don't!

Above all else, you spend more time spinning your wheels than you do making an impact on the world!

So I set out to uncover it.

Aftera whole lot of healing, learning and re-educating myself, I chose to spread the message of hope, love, and potent purpose in the world.

Now, here I am, one decade later and I enjoy the greatest satisfaction of living my life’s purpose through a business that is all about self-expression enormous impact, and powerful influence in the world.

And I know you, like me, you want to create that same impact.

To stand up for the gifts and talents that are calling out to be shared.

In your heart you know that you can serve so many more people with what you offer and..... We both know the time is NOW!"

Combining a four module step-by-step online training program with a LIVE two day event, you'll learn everything you need to position yourself powerfully in the hearts and minds of the people you serve.

Here’s what will happen when YOU join us at

Speakers Fast-Trak:

carren's workshop

Valued at $1999

Wondering what it's like to work with me?

Speakers Fast-Trak is best suited to women in business who want to take their message to the masses and create a miraculous ripple effect both online and off-line!

This is your vehicle to serve more people, create change in your industry, position yourself as the ‘go to’ person who has the resources and desire to create breakthroughs and transform lives.

You will feel inspired and empowered to share your message, product or service with confidence and courage AND do it in a way that leverages your time, income and energy.

By using speaking as part of the marketing methodology you will build your profile, attract massive groups of clients and create the income your investment of energy deserves. 

Special final event Offer $497 each

(normally $997 for a single ticket)

The Special POWERHOUSE event Offer 
for only $497 each!

This work changes lives! Not just mine but everyone I share it with!

- Natalie Grant

My favourite speaker training of all time! I love working with this technology, it’s a game changer in my business.

- Sally Foley-Lewis, Facilitator, Speaker, Coach and Author

Oh my goodness Carren, I wish I’d done this years ago!

- Kathleen Wozniak, Disability Advisor

Specifically designed for:

Heart Centred Entrepreneurs, Authors, Bloggers, Trainers, Health & Wellness Coaches, Marketing Experts, Business and Lifestyle Coaches, Artists, Speakers & Workshop Leaders

I’m finally on the ‘fast-trak’ to the message I want to share. I’m so excited!

Fiona Lucas, Online Reputation and Social Strategist

My profile has exploded, my confidence skyrocketed and my path crystal clear!

Sam Parker, Chiro Coach

Everyone in business needs Speakers Fast-Trak. It’s the tool that makes getting your message out there easy.

Rob Anderson, Coach and Investor

What I learned at Speakers Fast-Trak has been the foundation of my entire business!

Angela Counsel, Naturopath and Lifestyle Consultant

OMG Who would have thought speaking to groups could be this easy and this much fun! I love it!

Nicole Eddington, Entrepreneur Deli-Cious

Thank you Carren, Speakers Fast-Trak has made everything in my business so much easier.

Kelli-Ann Falso, Mindful Movement Coach

I love having so much clarity when I’m communicating my message! My clients love it more!

Maria Boulton, Doctor

I use what I learned at Speakers Fast-Trak every day, IT WORKS!

- Beatrice Peters, Health and Lifestyle Coach

Speakers Fast-Trak came at the perfect time to help me launch my business idea and now, we are world renowned!

- Joanna Rushton, Mind, Body and Perfomance Coach

Speakers Fast-Trak has helped thousands of people over the years and I’ve loved being such a big part of it!

- Sally Waghorn, General Sales Manager Hot FM

Speakers Fast-Trak is the structure I was looking for and now my presentations will be powerful and potent!

- Angela Miles, Manager

This is the miracle I was waiting for!! I feel so much more in control and ready to launch my book with ease!

- Zoe Sparks, Travel Guru and Business Mentor

Thank you Carren, Speakers Fast-Trak has totally changed my world. Now I know how to create a powerful ripple effect!

- Annwen Candy, Wellness Coach

I know where I’m headed now and I feel so excited to share ‘me’ with the world!

- Carrie Thompson Casey, Clinical Pyschologist

Not your typical business training program. This stuff is life changing and actually works!
- Min Swan, White House Celebrations

"Carren gave me the confidence to believe I could really help women. I now deliver my message to over 100,000 women every month."

- Nikki Parkinson-Hubbard, Styling You, Full Time Professional Blogger

"When I walked into Speakers Fast-Trak, I expected a lot.  After all, Carren is one of the world’s best speakers. Not only did it change my speaking, it changed my life in terms of how I saw myself as a speaker.”

Carrie Thomson-Casey, Clinical Psychologist

"Carren is a master at what she does - and one of the rare few who truly walk the talk!"

- Monique Parker, Marketing Coach Extraordinaire

smiling woman

"This woman transforms lives. Follow Carren and be open to lifting the human experience on Earth."

- Don Tolman, Whole Foods Medicine Man

"I make way more money than I ever have before, with way more freedom and happiness in my life - and Carren showed me how."

- Bianca Aiono, Mind Body Performance Coach

Join the other 3227 members of the Speakers Fast Trak community reaching millions with their message

I am afraid of public speaking?

I am nervous of speaking to groups?

Scared of people looking at me and judging me?

How to understand fear, the fight or flight response and exactly how to harness the fear and turn it into excitement before you go on stage to share your message

Unlock the secrets of your own negative beliefs, your personal triggers and how to anchor healthy and helpful beliefs in the place of unresourceful ones

How to harness the power of speaking to build rapport with your audience, so they walk away inspired and motivated, and ready to take the next step and work with you

The specific speaking structure that Carren has used to connect with 100,000s of people across the globe in the past 15 years

The art of story-telling, and how to use presentation skills such as eye contact, hand gestures, and stances to engage and hold your audience in full attention

How to deliver a presentation that speaks to all learning styles, and to translate those skills into speaking in person and on camera

I can't wait to share everything I have with you, so just DO IT! Hit the button to secure your seat NOW and I can't wait to give you a big squeeze when you walk through the doors of Speakers Fast-Trak!

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"I'm exhausted but can't see another choice! Do I have to slave away for small money bursts which are never as frequent as I'd like?"

"I'm tired of trying to figure out how to leverage all my knowledge, skill, experience and deep desire to contribute!  How can I impact the world while creating an inspiring income, consistently?"

Dates to be advised


Dates to be advised

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